Although we feel this event will not be "unbiased" since no panelist with a negative opinion of "fracking" was allowed on the panel, you may be interested in attending. Or, at least, send in a question and hope they answer it.

link to CSUF Fracking Symposium


The Mayor, Brett Murdock and Mayor Pro Tem, Christine Merick invited LinnCo aka Linn Energy (biggest O & G Co. in area) to present information on their operations and have no interest in listening to an opposing viewpoint.  Why?  Don't they care about the health and safety of Brea citizens?  Do they think the oil company will give them all the facts they needd to make an educated opinion?  Do they think supporting a local Dean's efforts at CSUF to  present another one sided "dog and pony show" is good for Brea? 

See Brea Matters for more details